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This first of its kind feeding solution makes feeding your pet so easy, you’ll wish there was a version for you. The easyFeed mobile app keeps you in control of your pet’s meals even when you’re away. Using the easyFeed, you can remotely dispense food and water manually or automatically. Determine how much food to dispense, receive notifications when your pet is eating, and even talk to your furry friend via videocam, mic, and speaker. For those keeping tabs on their pet’s dietary health, you’ll even get analysis reports.


• Control the easyFeed from anywhere

• Dispense food & water manually or automatically

• Receive dietary analysis

• Get notified when your pet is eating and how much they've eaten

• Communicate live via videocam, Mic and speaker



Old toys boring your dog? Meet the easyPlay; the last pet toy you’ll ever need. It will keep your pet occupied for hours at a time. Why? Because it plays back! The ball can be controlled remotely using your smartphone. So even when you’re not home, you can still play with your pet! The easyPlay has a camera, mic, speaker, and even a built-in treat dispenser so that you can easily replicate live play time. If you’re busy you can set it to autoplay mode with timed treats to encourage more play.


• Control from anywhere in the World

• Reward or encourage play with timed treats and pre-recorded voice

• Track the number of plays/rolls. Set minimum daily plays/goals

• Navigate the ball in all directions

• Take photos and videos to share on social media

• Communicate live via videocam, Mic and speaker

• Manual and Autoplay mode available



Even the smallest dirty paws are a huge hassle. Enter, the easyPaw Portable Paw Washer. This compact device automatically cleans your dog’s paws while simultaneously giving them a soothing massage. Just dip your furry friend’s feet in the machine and let swirling water do the cleaning. There’s even a hidden storage compartment for a towel, dog treats, or your own personal snacks. We won’t judge.


• Cleans and Massages Paws

• Compact Size for Portability

• Easy to Clean & Maintain

• Battery Operated

• Hidden Storage container

• Contact-Friendly Blades for safety

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